Isle of Siptha-Primeval Bracers

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Just wanted to point out the bug with the Primeval Bracers (heavy armour). The item isn’t displayed and the icon for it is a bag. Also, it seems if they are equipped last they remove the headpiece display (they don’t unequip the headpiece just remove it as if one is wearing no headpiece).

There’s a number of items that do this because they’re dropped from what the NPC is wearing. It’s unlikely a bug. Many of these items are actually pretty cool, like the headless item dropped from the judge. I recommend they stay in the game and NOT be marked as bugs. The bracers in particular make for a nice option to have no gloves, but still be armor. I haven’t illusioned with these items just yet to see if they maintain the same properties.

Greetings @LoveCox ,

Would it be possible for you to share a video with us of this so we can have a better understanding?

Thank you in advance!

This is why the Judge is dropping his head. In the first picture, you should change the Drop Equipment Preset from “DefaultHuman” to “None” so that the the DevOnlyItem xx_decaphead can’t drop from the Judge.

You could hire a modder with 3 weeks of experience and they can fix tthis for you in 5 minutes. I know some guys who take commissions…

In all seriousness though, how much disconnect is there within the company between the devs who understand this stuff (they must understand it, considering they made it) and community managers who request a video because they don’t even understand what a person is talking about?

For further information, these are the DevOnlyItem bracers that OP has found when they weren’t supposed to:

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