How do you submit sacrifices to Derketo in game?

Anyone know how to do this?


Use the dagger easily made at the altar on human corpses you’ve killed.

that didn’t work. chopping the corpse just gets the loot.

I believe that’s because “religious harvesting” is still broken.

religious harvesting has been working fine for me

Hey All,
What is Religious Harvesting please?

You have the tool that you build from your altar. you kill a NPC human, you use that tool on them. and it will give you a special item for your reglion

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Thank You Lonelion , :smiley::smiley:

So what are the prerequisites to get this to work? If you don’t have that religion feat unlocked, I assume it will not work. When fighting an NPC, do you have to kill the NPC with that for this to work? Can you knock them unconscious before hand?

What are your exact steps for success lonelion4ever? Thanks for your help in advance.

  1. Acquire religion feat (either at character creation or from a trainer in game or buy buying it with points at level up [this last is not recommended since it costs 50 points to buy a feat in game which is a lot whereas trainers are free])

  2. Build altar.

  3. Use altar to craft harvesting tool (Yog cleaver, Mitra Ankh, Set dagger, Derketo dagger, Ymir hatchet).

  4. Take harvesting tool

  5. Find NPC

  6. Equip weapon and kill NPC

  7. Equip religious harvesting tool and use on NPC corpse

This will result in you gathering the key religious ingredient for your religion (essence, unblemished meat, human heart, etc. each religion is different). Hope this helps.


You Da Man TikaTH.
Thanks You and all for post help.

Ok I thought you had to purchase the feats. Can you tell me where the trainer is for Derketo and possibly others? This game needs a guide sheesh.

It is believed that that the trainer for Dek is in the swamp, so is currently inaccessible.


The Derketo trainer is in the swamp. It is not available till launch. A recent dev stream featured the swamp and from there I believe you can learn where the trainer will be

posted in wrong place

If you’re having trouble hitting the body restart your game it sometimes fixes it

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