How does one remove mod f/x?

I’m using several mods which offer visual f/x such as fog or swarms of bats. I’d luv to use them for various projects but I can’t figure out how to remove them; I’ve had a large fog bank in front of my base for several months now. If anyone knows how to remove them, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Probably be helpful to know which mod it is you are using. Some mods have tools that you have to equip to remove certain items. Others do not.

Ah, fair enough, may take me a few to hunt down exactly which one’s have those types of features. If they did have removal tools, where would one look for such a thing? Or does it vary greatly from one mod to the next?

UPDATE: So I went and did some digging in an attempt to ascertain which mod, exactly, was supplying these particular f/x. In the end, it turned out to be DungeonMasterTools which, as luck would have it, give a clear explanation on removing these items from the game.

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