How does the server echosystem work?

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Just some intruduction to my question bellow that you can skip if you want. The question is further down.

I played this game for a short time a while back but didnt have anyone to play with so didnt get into it. Just recently started playing with 3 friends and we kinda fell in love with the game. We have played a lot of Rust before but got tierd of the swetiness in every server and the pve content is basicly nonexistent. We have played on a pve-c server that was pretty mutch empty, just exploring and learning the game. We got into 2 fights and was suprinsingly fun and exciting. Theye removed our Thralls from the wheele of pain but we killed them and took their stuff. We havent tried raiding yet and are not sure if it is fun since getting your base kitted out here takes soo mutch more time than in Rust.

What we want is to be able to play some pve but sometimes do some open world combat. Find allies to traid and do friendly combat with and enemies that you will fight as soon as you see them.

The question.

Does the servers follow a wipe scedual? Like wipeing the server every month.
How do I go about finding a fitting server for our playstyle? Heard that the best servers are private?
Do we need to get the new map dlc in order to find an active server?
Is the populated pve-c clutterd with buildings and hard to find a spot to build on?

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To answer your questions…

Official servers are never wiped, regardless of server type.

From reading your post it sounds like the best option for you and your friends would be a PvE-C server, these servers allow PvP at set times but you are NOT able to destroy structures built by one another.

You can still build trebuchets to throw big rocks and explosives at each other though!

Not at all, if anything, the Exiled Lands map is probably the more popular of the two.
The Isle of Siptah does offer some gear & recipes that are more powerful compared to what’s available on the EL map however, so you might want to consider it for an even playing field.

It depends, because official servers are never wiped some suffer from maintenance syndrome to varying degrees; players that log in only to refresh the decay timer on their bases, which can be quite large.

The maps themselves are big enough however, so finding your own spot should not be difficult.

Private servers often have scheduled wipes, but the frequency varies from server to server.



The "best servers are the ones you enjoy the most. For me that’s the Official servers hands down. With private servers you’re often bugged by mods or forced to deal with admin personalities.

No but a lot of the best gear is found in Siptah, so yeah, I would recommend getting it. Siptah is also prettier than Exiled Lands generally speaking - and covered more evenly with farmables.

No, almost none of them are that crowded. Not even close. People who disagree with that are usually the type of folks who look at another player’s build and go: That looks cool I want to build there too. Instead of scouting the land using their imagination. This kind of thinking must be inherent in humans or something because most populated servers have people building in loose groups around each other - maybe it’s our tribal natures or something. Even people here are so used to copying one another that a few places on the map(s) have become “famous”.

The truth is that there are only a few places on each map where it can’t be made safe or isn’t advantageous when it comes to farming mats.


Thanks! That cleard up a few things :slight_smile:

Gonna talk it out with my friends and see where we land

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Thanks for the info! We might try an official then. In Rust Official servers have been kinda aweful but might be fun here.


There is a PvP combat training server on PC:

No need to farm, just get kitted and fight.


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