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Hail Exiles!

Last night, I traveled to the Chaosmouth Alter and created the keystone that I then used to unlock the bracelet that confined me to the Exiled Lands. After 1100+ hours, an anticlimactic cutscene and no Steam achievement, I can at least say that I’ve beaten the game. However, I’m now ready to venture into the Isle of Siptah and I’d love to get some advice on how to choose the right official server for my taste.

First, I’m done with PvP servers. After 1000 hours on them I’ve decided that I’m not really into all the drama and game mechanic exploitation. So that brings it down to PVE or PVE-C.

My experience with PVE servers is that people will build all over the map and then just log in once a week to refresh their decay timers which leads to few places for new players to establish themselves and, from what i’ve seen, leaves inactive eye sores everywhere. So, I’d prefer a server with a few active players (or no players) that don’t build ugly monstrosities all over the place.

I’ll be playing with a couple friends, so single player co-op is out of the question since we can never get it to work reliably.

So, I guess the advice that I’m seeking is: What is the best way to find a low population Official PVE/PVE-C Server that doesn’t have a bunch of serial refreshers?

Is there a resource out there that shows server stats and/or player activity? If not, it seems like I’d have to join a server randomly, create a character and then run around surveying the map. Which I’ve done before and will hopefully never do again lol

I appreciate you all for humoring my pickiness and anyone taking the time to respond with any advice or opinions on the topic. :smiley:

Tell you what. I got a little hovel over at 8090 (at least I think that’s the server. Once it set up I mark it as favorite and never look at the text again so I hope I’m right) that I started but just can’t get back into because I’m got some transfer pvp stuff going on.

If you have the patience, let me take a few things and bail and in a week you can get the spot next week over at L11 just west of luxor on the mountain there. Nice water source and place to get creative. You can pick off the loot bags as well to get quickly established.

Well…if you stumble onto my Siptah server you and your friends are more than welcome to build/adventure to your hearts content. I’ve a half-assed start there so I’m not personally invested (too much going on in my EL server right now). It’s not very active and tbh, if somebody does blow you up I can help you recover fast. Also my son doesn’t build his stupid trebs on that server for reasons unknown. I only turn on decay twice a year to weed out abandoned posts (which are often my own).

It’s an unmodded server with 2x gathering and a small xp boost for fighting. Other than that, pretty vanilla.

Yeah, PvP is on but there’s nobody there. If you want feel free to DM me and I can shoot you the info when I get home. You can at least test out the ping to see if it’s worth playing there.

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Have you considered

Why won’t you consider Official PvP? We run a tight ship, some of us.


Thanks for the link. I think that is what I need to help narrow down a good PvE server.

I’ve been on Official PvP servers since I started playing. I’ve had enough of it. In my experience, it’s nothing but offline raiding, server transfer looting, and finding ways to exploit the game to get around actual PvP.


I would consider modded servers by this point. I went about the same amount of time unmodded till taking the plunge and never looked back.

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Well it turns out that site is pretty unreliable. I joined a server that was dead according to that site, but it had 10+ players actively playing when I joined it and buildings everywhere lol. What’s funny is that the actual in-game server selection screen showed no one online for that same server. Are server demographics really that difficult to accurately report on?

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This is what players look at to ensure they’re not getting raided whilst off on Date Night. It’s very reliable, in my experience.

Which region are you in?
I personally prefer PVE-C as you can do actual player vs player combat, and not worry about offline raiding. Also, my experience on C servers is that most people on them are not toxic and are actually afraid to PVP, lol.
Since the new “wipe anything big” rules, my server has cleaned up nicely. The log in refresh, log out crowd is gone.
There is just one spam base that I know of, but this person never bothers anyone, and his/her spam is in an area that most do not build in, so I would never report them.
We have a lot of newer players that seem to confine themselves to the lower end of the map and on any given day you may see around 10 to 20 people online, but I never see anyone building in the highlands that has not already been there forever.
If you are in the North America region, try 1821 or 1823.

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