How far can i build from thrall camp

I built a massive staircase up to exile camp 24. Then I farmed them for a bit. Haven’t been there in about a week till today.

However no thralls were present. After searching the forums I discovered that you can stop thralls spawning if you build too close. I am pretty close, so no idea how it was working right after I built the stair case.

At any rate how far away must I be so that my building won’t stop thralls spawning?

You can change the blocking zone in server settings, I believe. So the answer to “how close” is “it depends”.

The default setting is “pretty close” as far as I know - I’ve had a trebuchet set up within spitting distance to a two-man Black Hand camp and I’ve amused myself by taking pot shots at them as they spawn. So “within trebuchet range” is definitely doable.

@Kapoteeni Thanks mate. I will mess with my settings so I can be super close :smiley:

EDIT: Hmm can’t seem to find the setting. Unless its the claim radius. I read that doesn’t work, but the post was old. Anyone know the exact setting by any chance?

EDIT2: I think its this:

I will mess with this tomorrow. Will adjust it to 0.5, then 0.2 if that doesnt work and see how it goes.

Yeah, I think that’s the one. I haven’t actually tried changing it, because there are things I want to spawn-block (such as hyenas and crocodiles on the paths I use often), as well as things I don’t want to spawn-block (such as the aforementioned Camp 24).

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