How find time zone of server and raid hours

On official servers, how to find the servers time zone and raid hours?


before loging into the server you can go into server details it will show you those informations

I did not find a time zone or raid information listed. I looked along the right side, on the screen, where the server stats are given.

Hey there, an easy way to find your server’s local zone is by finding the IP address’s location through third-party tools.

A. In Steam, click View -> Servers, then select [Conan Exiles] as the filter.

  1. Click the Internet tab, and allow the list to populate.
  2. Right-click the server of choice, and click View Server Info.
  3. Copy the IP address. In this example, is the IP for Official Server 1742.

B. Paste the IP address into an IP Location site. I will use for this task. When you click the IP Lookup button, the site will return with Los Angeles, CA as the physical location. You’ll know your server events are coordinated to West Coast US local time. If you’re unsure of how this might impact you, use a site like Time and Date to confirm.

You can also look up the server on, and determine its IP address there. Occasionally, their information is not as current as Steam’s, so if you have the choice, use the up-to-the-minute IP address information available from the Servers function.

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