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I’ve logged into several American servers and all that I’ve been in are using Eastern time. I’ve done at least one in each number range (i.e. 1500, 1800, etc). Is this supposed to be that way? If so, that means all servers being hosted on the Western/Pacific zone are playing with Eastern time raid windows which is just wrong. Please advise, thank you!

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Also to this point, servers on the East Coast (specifically the new ones today) have EU server times

Lol, that makes this even more nuts!

Well… I did just find an 1800’s server that is on West Coast/Pacific timezone… so is there no way we can tell what zone servers are in without logging into each individual server???

Hi there,

There is no way for you to check the individual location of a server in Conan Exiles. That being said, we have internal tools that allow us to check. Please post the full name and number of the server in question and we will take a look.

@Mashmellow So on 1812, based on ping, I thought I was logging into a server that had a west coast time zone. Recently found out by looking at the server settings that it’s running eastern. I have logged into other servers that are in 1800’s, also with low ping for my location, that are running on Eastern. For argument’s sake, 1807 is on west coast time. This makes me wonder if there is no order to the servers and time zone.

My suggestion would also to have the server list in the game show what time zone so people know what they’re getting into. Time zones are critical to raid windows.

Thanks for the reply!!

Thanks for letting me know. Can you post a screenshot of the server setting that you are seeing? The issue that you are receiving on your end is not quite matching up with what we are seeing on our end.

@buffalo Can you also post a screenshot of the East coast server showing EU time?

@Mashmellow Will do! We also tested the raid window and it lines up with the server time we are seeing under server settings while in game. Screenshot to follow… thanks!!

@Mashmellow Screenshots attached… you’ll see at the top server local time says 02:40 Friday. At the time I took the pic, my time was 23:40 Thursday. I am in PDT zone. This is for server 1812.


@Biggins Awesome. Thank you again. I have let the developers know and they are investigating the issue. We will let you know when there is more info.

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@Mashmellow Anything to report on this yet? I’m still puzzled that this server is on EDT when it’s location is in a PDT zone. That means most people who have a low enough ping to connect are going to be Cental to West Coast.

@Mashmellow so I haven’t heard from anyone on this issue, and interestingly I see today that more US servers are added for the East, all in the 1500 range. This leads me to believe the 1800 range is supposed to be West. As such, 1812 should be running PDT local, not EDT local. Any chance of getting this fixed?

@Biggins Sorry for the late response. I was out of town for a couple days. The issue is currently being worked on and we are communicating with G-Portal. I don’t have any real update or news about this issue at this time. Sorry that I do not have more info

@Mashmellow Understand, thanks for the reply. Can you at least confirm the 1800 series of servers are supposed to be US West servers? There is currently no way in the game to know this.


Sure. All current servers in the 1800 range are based in the west coast.

@Mashmellow Cool, thanks again!

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