How to find time zone information on servers

Im sure this has been asked before but I can’t seem to find any information on servers and their time zones
Does anyone have info on this and or where i can get this figured out?

I tend to jump on and ask someone their current time and when raid starts for them.


I stay awake until server reset. :eyes:

My time is est. If a server resets at 5am it’s my time zone. 8am? Western. 11pm? Europe. Et cetera.

Honestly if you check the server reset logged times that’s probably a less sleep deprived strategy.

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Good question and I wish I had an answer, but taking your comment into consideration I’ll now specify the timezone of my server in the MotD just to keep people informed.

I typically did this on PvE with purge times. Sadly, I’ve never been on a pacific time zone server. It seems every one of them I joined were eastern… not even sure if one exists. :expressionless:

Good idea!
Ill try that out see if i can narrow it down

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As far as I know, all official servers start their restart process at 5 am server time with a 10 minute warning. The second restart isn’t as clockwork but the first one is. So just go to your event log and see when the server shutdown x:10. Do the math between event log and 5:10 and there you go. You got the offset and therefore timezone.

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