Show server time zone in server list

Hi @Community,

Would it be possible to add the Timezone that each server is operating by in the list of servers either on the main section where it has zone (Oceanic, Asia etc) or in the server settings that we see when we click on a specific server?

I make this suggestion as it is very confusing to figure out what time zone it is set at in order to figure out when raid and purge times start and finish … even on the ping-restricted servers.

For example an Oceanic server can have players join from seven different time zones … so it becomes a guessing game to where the server has its time zone sync’d to.

Thanks for considering this.


What I would rather see is the current server time on the Event Log screen. This would make it a lot easier to figure out from the time stamps when this is are happening.


As another column in the event log, then yes I think that would also be useful.
I think I play in the same Oceanic time zone as where the server is set to, so I don’t know if the event log shows server time zone or account specific time zone … if I remember then I’ll ask one of the NZ based players what they see in their logs re: server restart as that’s universal log entry.

Even the server time coming back to the server setting screen would be plenty :wink:


Yes to having the timezone visible in both there Server Browser and the Event Log! At the very least, it should be visible on the Settings-> Server Settings page.

I always feel badly when people join the server I play on and start building-up then the Purge strikes while they are still at work because it turns out they joined an East Coast US server when they live in California or some such.

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