Show UTC at server configuration

We all can see raid time at the server configurations. However, it’s almost impossible to check its local time, or at least without some sort of deep research.
Funcom could adopt Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to easily show players what is the best server to play on and it’s pretty simple to implement it.


Frankly, this would be a godsend. It might also be helpful to have an in-game heads-up about when the purge will strike, and when PvP hours are in the user’s local time so they know what they are getting into. I routinely encounter players who have no clue there is even such a thing as the purge, let alone that it might occur at a vastly different time than when they are active.


I’m getting tired to be raided at 3am and create a new characters without even know what is the raid period at my local time.

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Exactly, a couple weeks ago there was some poor soul on my server who was all primed and ready for their Purge when it was only about 10am as far as the server was concerned. They seemed rather disheartened when we told them they were 8 hours too early; in 8 hours time in their local timezone, they would normally hope to be fast asleep. :frowning:

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