Please add a time zone for servers in the settings!

Ohkay this seems like it would have been something there from the get go. But why are there not time zones for server settings!!! How am I meant to know what time to go raiding? Or be raided! Or purged?! In a game that plays around the world and having servers run in different parts of the world this would have obvious from the get go


You used to be able to see the server time in the server settings menu. For some inexplicable reason they removed it.

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You just answered your own question by saying around the world. In other words not everyone on the server is in the same time zone.

But if it had the actual time zone, one could do the math. The fact that on US servers especially, it is a crap shoot when you start a toon, it seems a simple add. I know i could contact other players on server, but with how some ddos works, communicating in a message “lets them in” on consoles.

Actually just being on the server can reveal ip addresses of other players if you monitor in line traffic between the console and the internet (not always but sometimes and I think it might have to do with in game voice chat) the more common method though is simply by getting in party with a player whose monitoring network traffic. Also be careful never to click on links sent from other players (such as links to pictures from strange domains) as they can harvest your ip that way as well.

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