Hey PC Players...Are you able to see server time zones?

Just wondering if you’re able to see the timezones of the servers? If you are, is there a way to look up a server or ping one to get the current server time for console players?

If I knew the actual URL format I might be able to do that. Like, I know the servers are g-portal.us but then what?

Go to battlemetrics and search for the server your interested in ( Official server # XXXX). copy/paste the IP address, then go to IP location finder and search the IP, it will tell you what country and geographic location it is in.



IP Address Country Region City United States California Los Angeles

If theres an easier way, I dont know it.

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I found this site but I seems to only list PC servers. Ill try again. Maybe I did something wrong

You might try searching by brand. IE Xbox etc. I honestly don’t know if they have added/updated the list to include the console servers.

They don’t. I got a reply from them. They only track PC servers.

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