Server Time Zone (How to see Country of Official Server - PVP)

Anyone able to assist on how to easily see what time zone the server is in (Specifically Official server for PVP)?

Server Settings indicated building damage from 18h00 till 23h00. However in my case (My time zone), building damage is from 20h00 till 01h00 my time. So I assume this is a UK server. If I could join an official server in Germany then that would help, ALOT!. But how can I see this?

FYI, i am playing on playstation platform.

You can check the server location via this Website

or limit the search directly to pvp servers in germany

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Thank you Tenhi

However, BattleMetrics only applies for PC. Does not work for console servers unfortunately.

Unless I am not doing it correctly. . .

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All official EU servers operate on CET.

Good luck.


Are you sure about that? I believe the majority of the EU servers are hosted in Germany with only a few located elsewhere? It has been a while but I remember the official I played matched my time zone when I used to live in Germany.

I definitely understand the struggle and Funcom has been asked numerous times to provide an easy way to determine the time zone without trial and error but nothing implemented so far.

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I am in UK and play on official EU servers, they are definitely based on CET time, it confused me right at beginning. So any EU official server will be in your time zone. I also notice a lot of German clan names in the official servers too. I have never been on private servers though, I guess they vary in time zones.

Hi All

Thank you for the feedback. I have actually found an Offical PVP server that ties in with my time.

I am not sure if day lights saving has an effect. I live in South Africa, as per CET we are identical. As per GMT, we are +2 hours

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