How Secret is the Secret World?

I’m new to the game. I love the setting but I do not know deeply the lore… I read about the essential but I was wondering how can the World not know about the existence of those mythic creatures if they manifest so openly in public? Is there a force that blind humanity about their existence? Seeing a chtulhuesque creature appear in the middle of the city should alert the media or find videos on the Internet. No? I just want to understand how this World could still be secret if people manifest powers so openly.
I love what I read so far… but I just need some light about the lore :slight_smile: Thank you for your time!!!


It’s an extreme cover-up, for sure. Governments, societies, secret cabals - all working to keep the Secret World… secret. Some people may be in the periphery of the know through conspiracy theories, and others might be smack dab in the middle of somewhere where magic is a fact and the folklore and myths prevail. There are plenty of places even in the real world where you’ll find people who believe adamantly in these things, while others fiercely dismiss them.

But here, everything is true. The conspiracies so vehemently dismissed ring with truth of the Secret World.

People do and have found their way into the Secret World. Kirsten Geary certainly wasn’t in on it from the get-go, as an example. She’ll tell a little bit of her story if you talk to her, but she essentially claims she was a valley girl kidnapped in college by fratboy necromancers who subsequently revealed their membership to the Illuminati after woefully underestimating KG. She says she killed them, of course. There’s also some sweet backstory about her in Hide and Shriek, but I digress. That’s just one example of how somebody might find their way into the Secret World!

As for the Manhattan Exclusion Zone, there’s a lot of cover-ups going on! If news got out about an eldritch abomination destroying Times Square, the lid of the Secret World would be blown wide open, and nobody wants that. Or at least, the secret societies don’t. Our good friend Dave Screed in particular paints quite the picture of how what went down in Manhattan is ultimately explained away to the public and how such events can be kept tightly under wraps.

And even with the cover-ups in New York, a few people here or there are more exposed to the Secret thanks to what does leak out. Not to mention that with all of these world ending events occurring throughout the globe, more and more will have to face the truth one way or another. They might start to believe once they come face-to-face with the gaping maw of it.

All the while, the Secret World creeps closer and closer to ultimate exposure. On top of that, the secret and mundane worlds teeter on the edge of oblivion.

Dark Days are Coming.


When it comes to seeing Secret World creatures openly in public, you’re seeing them in Ealdwick, an area of London that’s off the radar. Having been to London IRL, I can confirm I haven’t been there or seen it on a map :stuck_out_tongue: It’s like a safe harbour, with police cordons between the area and the public. You don’t see those creatures in Seoul or in New York, as regular people are also in those areas.

Think of Ealdwick as Diagon Alley. It’s there, and people that know about it know about it, but those that don’t, don’t, despite it being right there.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for your answer. It is very appreciated. I will continue to play because I want to understand this setting.
Thank you again :slight_smile:


Thank you for you answer too. :slight_smile:


I think it’s about as secret as a lot of “secret magic” settings are. In other words:

  1. It’s secret to the general population, but not to a fair bit of the government.
  2. Being in the government and read in to the secret is kind of like being a “made man” in the mob - it’s a sign that you really matter
  3. Large corporations probably have the same layers - particularly if they are multinational or involved in arms production. Small corporations would tend to be more uniform - either clueless or pretty much all clued in depending on whether their business intersects with the SW.
  4. Conspiracy theorists are (of course) either mostly correct (unless the story needs them to be dangerously misinformed on something), or they are disinformation specialists, hired by a government or corporation to muddy the waters.

Keep in mind this setting is from 10 years ago. Cell phones were a lot less ubiquitous then, and the basic phone would have had middling photo capability (in sunlight) and lousy video capability with very little storage by today’s standards.