How to become the administrator of Chinese official server?

This is the voice of an old player from China.
Conan exiles is a very good survival game.
I’ve been playing this game since 2017.
So far I have 2500 hours of play time.
I haven’t played as an ordinary player for a long time.
Because I have multiple servers of my own to maintain.
For some reason, the official servers in Asia have been destroyed by some malicious players.
For a long time, these servers have been in the state of being unsupervised, thus losing too many players.
These situations can be improved, but I don’t know why there is no official management of these servers to punish players who disrupt the game experience.
They are crazy about exploiting game vulnerabilities, or using illegal software, building in all sorts of places that are not allowed to build.
But no one punished them!
It can’t go on like this! Too many players give up the game because of them!
So I recommend myself to be the administrator of Asia. I believe that I can handle these matters fairly and fairly!
I don’t need any reward, because it’s my wish to return the server to a clean place.
I have rich experience in server management and have been a server manager for at least two years in my more than three-year gaming career.
I manage two thousand people’s communication community (Tencent QQ).
At the same time, I am also the administrator of ConanExiles Baidu Post Bar.
Please believe that I will deal with all issues fairly. Asia can not be so laissez faire!
This is the appeal of a player who loves the game.


That wasn’t the question he asked … that was not a helpful link at all

This is what their title says:

as well:


I know the struggle my man, but your only opportunity to intervene would be to become a community manager for funcom and hope that they give you the time necessary to process reports. As of right now, none of the officials have dedicated admins and the report function isn’t streamlined either, so exploiters have been troublesome for all the regions.


He asked how a player can become an admin on an official server. Narelle’s answer was a link to a post by Ignasis that says:

Is there a more helpful way to answer the original question factually?

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I guess I could have explained to them how to apply for a job at Funcom :woman_shrugging:


Yeah by letting Funcom answer themselves :slight_smile: and he wants a job…

Or… let Funcom answer… (Crazy i know…) - stop being the body shield let them take responsibility for this one.


They did:


Narelle is actually not a body shield I have never read a post where Narelle goes after anyone even when he disagrees. I have made some pretty inflammatory topics here and steam and he has not went after me. I think you are misconstruing someone actually trying to be helpful and not sarcastic. Funcom would not allow that sort of thing ever nor any company for that matter he posted to the topic explaining it.


Hey there,

We answered this question already a few times, which has been kindly linked by other players above.
Closing the thread as repetitive.

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