How to Block Countrys by Code?

I wanna block a few specific regions/countries how do i do that? Like Brazil, Taiwan, Russia, And a few others.

Good luck with that, considering everyone is using VPN


Use the alpha-2 code for the country but as Kilix mentioned, people can use a VPN:


Your best bet for limiting who can get on your server is a password.
But even that can only do so much and it’s extra hassle at first, but the game does save passwords.


If I can mention an error here is that in ps4, a player has a way to enter locked servers. Once I joined a friend while he was playing in a server, I wanted to surprise him for fun. Later on I accept messages from the admins asking me how I enter their server since it was locked? Ofcurce I explained them the reason I joined and how, because after all it was a private server and I didn’t have the right to be there. Thank God these guys were reasonable and later on, they became my pvp clan. I never before mention this, I don’t know why I never report it as a problem, but it is. If someone has a private server there should be no possible ways for someone to enter.

I would say password is not really a way to keep people out. You have to keep changing it and it can be easily given away unless you are on a server with 2-3 friends. If you want to keep the people away, use whitelisting. However, this will reduce the amount of new player that join to check your server out.


So it’s possible to block regions on Private server?
How to do it?


add the codes to this one with commas in between

or here:

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Where’s that settting? I cant find it on menu

Guess it’s console or modded?

I did say it could only do so much, and was a hassle :slight_smile:

And a VPN can still get around region lock.

It is a vanilla setting, on PC at least, I don’t know about consoles. As per my previous message, you can either update it in the ServerSettings.ini file or you can update it from the in-game menu.

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I don’t have it on pc, there’s just chat, then purge. That’s weird.

So if i wanted ban say… Two countries? it would be how?





etc what’s the correct way to enter it? just put a space?

AF,AS no space after the ,

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