Region Lock? is this still a thing? if so how do we get players who are violating it removed from our server?

I am reading that the game has already implemented a region lock to keep Asian players from joining North American servers. is this still the case? if so is there a reporting mechanic that allows us to report Asian players who are bypassing this region lock mechanic to get them banned? We have 3 Asian players playing on our server that are destroying the server and they have told us their goal is to make the server unplayable and that its because its an American server and they want it to fail. if the game already has a Region Lock mechanic in place how do we report them to get them removed from our North American server? They are also using several cheats or hacks. if the simple solution is to get them off the server because they are not in North America and violating the region lock server mechanic then how do we make that happen?

I wish we could have power to get those mental people to institutions so they can receive help. How come someone nowadays can live with that in the head “ The goal is to make a server unplayable “. How one can even think of that, they bought the game to prevent others to play?? Thats just stupid, if they like to play online games they shouldnt think about “ruinning servers”. This is so sad.

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We did have the same problem in the past with some Chinese players. It used to be a 2 man clan that cheated, griefed, bocked passages and obelisks, offended players, etc… they did everything you can imagine to ruin the gameplay experience for every other player in the server. Several players and clans quit before Funcom finally banned the griefers, but that took MONTHS of constant reports, raging and complains from the community. And just like those Asian players they also revealed their only goal was to ruin the server and make it empty, with xenophobic words, threats, all stupidity you can imagine!

I cant even imagine how many costumers Funcom loses in a daily basis due to things like this. Its more than losing costumers, its also about getting negative review from them. Funcom needs to be more strict and take action faster when it comes to removing stupid players from the official servers.


and that’s the problem we have messages Funcom and every person who has so far has a received a pathetic cut and paste response email saying we wont do anything. so if they wont do business the right way then I need to find away around their idiocy and work with what they will do something about. they are from Asia and and they are on an American server. if the region lock is still a thing then its something we can work with.

It is not just players from that side of the planet playing like this, or even just on Conan Exiles. Almost every multiplayer game will have those that only have the online portals to express their own inner conflicts and issues. This does not excuse it of course. FunCom, as well as all other game production houses, have to walk carefully here. Unless they simply do not release to the enormous Indo/Asian areas, they harm their global markets. If they do not do drawn out verification of abuse, there is the risk that they are accused of stereotyping and discrimination. Also, there are large numbers of people from US/UK/etc that will fake Asia so they can get away with griefing. It is very complicated.
Usually they give up on a server after a week or two if they get no response. A solution is to go to a private server that has active Admin. That works - as long as the Admin are also decent.

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How do you they aren’t expats living in your country?
How do you know they aren’t trolls who actually speak another language trying to play the blame game?
I’m asking this because a loooong time ago i had to deal with a group who spoke mandarin but it came out they where austrian nazis roleplaying as chinese.

A way to properly report them ingame would be fine though.
I would prefer real admins for official servers, but that wont happen. So instead a single additional guy who is in charge of checking reports…

Reports should at least consist of an addition button in the playerlist and then come with a multiple choice thingy. Covering plain bad manners, griefing, exploiting and heck even cheating.

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You can report them via the steam overlay, I never use it, but it has a report function connected to the game. Just RTM of the steam client.

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