How to change the game's language?

So I have downloaded Mutant Year Zero, and the game looks quite promising and fun. However, since my computer is a Chinese native (lol) I can’t afford to have the game in English. I have searched everywhere for a solution nothing seems to do it. I don’t understand why would the dev force any language upon the player without having any option to change it for what we like, its a pity because of that I will pass on that game and move on… Its such a bad decision, and it says that there was a fix, however I did not find any fix for it in my epic game launcher.

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You may change the Language in game through the options menu, here’s a screenshot for your convenience:

i also had this problem and its really simple to fix, as Hugo explained, there is a Language option, though, the first time it does something weird
i installed it through GOG setting the installer to english, my computer is in Spanish by default and the game started in Spanish even though the Language selection was set to English, what i did was just set it to Spanish, then back to English and it changed

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