Language cannot be changed

All the written Texts are in german and I cannot Change. I tried to change the launch Option and to Change the Preference in the Steam Settings but it does not work. Could anyone pls help?

From what I’ve seen, the game automatically detects your OS’ system language, and set it as its default language in the game. So I assume your OS’ language is German.

Although a hotfix from very early stage of the game does mention the issue has been fixed, but I’m not entirely sure about it, as I just experienced the simular issue of yours today.

My issue was that while the game states that the language was set as English, all the texts were actually Korean, as same as my system language.

What I did was first to change the game language to Korean and saved the option, then switched it back to English and it was fine. All texts were in English.

I don’t exactly know you’re currently having the exact same issue that I had, but you can try this method. You can also try switch your OS’ language to English.

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