How to character transfer

I have searched but can’t get an answer. I wanna know how to transfer my character from an official server to a private one.

U cannot yet

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Ah I was under the impression it was already released thank you. Do you know when it will be available?

No i do not know when , but it is under development atm so hope soon enough

Last I read it was delayed until June of 2021.

FYI, last update on how it worked…

Transfer From. Transfer to
official PVE Official PVE only
official PVE-C Official PVE-C or PVE
official PVP. Official PVP, PVE-C, or PVE

official to private was up to private weaver owners.
private to private was up to private owner of the to part of transfer.

official to Single player was never really mentioned, but assume it would be like privates.

private or Single Player to any official was looking like a hard no.

Yea. If you wanted to transfer offline, the workaround would be to host a private server accepting transfers, transfer your character, then copy the save data back to local.

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