How to defeat Akhenaten in Dream Palace?

I’ve died 10 times already, it seems easy from the start but once akhenaten drops to low HP he starts a blast similar to the one you have to avoid by finding the remaining bridges to get out of the blast radius. However the final one spawns tentacles and all bridges are missing. How do you defeat this, on my end this starts when he drops below 10k HP. I can only do at least 1k damage per skill.

Have you tapped the abilities of the statues? It’s been a while since I’ve done that fight, but I believe you get to choose one to start and more during the “dead” phases.

P.S. and welcome!

During the one in Dream Palace quest, there are only a few statues. One in the north, the kid, and two female statues. I have used them. My problem is once the statues start binding akhenaten – when all the statues produce a string of light towards akhenaten – he starts a big blast similar to the one he uses when the bridges start to disappear, but this time there are tentacles flinging on the side and there are no bridges to avoid the blast.

As @Blodwedd has alluded to, each of the statues has a different effect. Read the tooltips of their buffs to see what each of them does. That said, if you get to the point where all of the bridges disappear, you’re basically just too slow and should figure out how to increase your dps.