Nightmare in the Dream Palace is incredibly broken right now

Where to even start. So I’m going through an alt because I’m bored. Get to Nightmare in the Dream Palace and it starts off fine. I get to the part where John goes through my memories on the TV. I do Beaumont fine, I do Akhenaten fine, but once Akhenaten is defeated and I’m sent back to the dark area the screen doesn’t come up. I can hear the “fast forward” sounds and John is still talking like the picture is visible so I figure it’s a visual bug, but then it all just stops. It goes silent for a while. I waited and finally John says “I like Mara” and I hear the teleport sound and my character disappears, but nothing happens. I’m still in the black room. Nothing. I wait and wait and nothing is happening so I started doing things to figure it out. I did a reloadui with the keyboard shortcut and the UI comes up and I have an Anima Exhaustion dialog and my character is lying dead on the ground with the tv screen behind him. Weird. So I ressurect and am instantly ported to the Mara fight. I thought everything was fine now. It wasn’t. Halfway through the fight John starts talking again about wearwolves and vampires and comas and bills and then says “I like Mara” again and I’m teleported again. Right back to the start of the Mara fight. Ok, weird again. Maybe it’s fixed. Nope. I defeat Mara and get teleported, screen fades to black, but instead of going back to the dark area the screen fades back in and I’m dead in Mara’s room. I resurrect and now I’m running around an empty Mara fight room. Nothing is happening, I figure it was broke for good this time. Nope again. Out of nowhere, John screams “She’s going to get me!” and I’m ported to the Lilith area. From this point everything progressed normally and the mission ended without further incident.

Edit: This was the first story playthrough, not a repeat of the mission. If that matters.

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