In-Game Glitch and Story Issue

So I’ve two issues to report/ask about:

  1. Is anyone else not able to take Thralls to the Palace of the Witch Queen? They won’t follow me down the steps of the Celestial Palace more than about 10 feet (relatively speaking) and they won’t follow through the doors either. I know that the Witch Queen marks all with the bracelet as an enemy. But still. I never used to have this problem and I don’t know exactly when it started happening.

But this needs to be patched. There’s no reason Thralls shouldn’t be able to accompany you down a flight of stairs and through a door no matter how much the Witch Queen doesn’t like it.

  1. “Gallaman’s Rest”

There was a Dev video a while back where one of them said nothing would happen with this cave.


When you put in a Ghost leading to the cave, name the cave, and have an obvious door at the end after the Croc fight, you are making a promise to the player that there’s SOMETHING THERE worth discovering.

If you’re going to put all that in our faces and then do nothing with it, you’re lying to us and wasting our time. And I don’t know about everyone else. But I for one don’t appreciate this lack of effort in what promised to be a lore-fueled section of the game where we’d probably at least find a notebook and recipe or some kind of lore page to read. SOMETHING!

It’s bad developer etiquette to leave unfinished or abandoned elements in a game that leads players on and leaves them in disappointment.


(cough) Mummy of the ring (/cough)


She was fighting back yesterday (pc, singleplayer, mods) - first time I’ve been there in a while. Follower refused to follow down the main stairs, but caught up again by the time I got into the actual chamber. All in all, much better than last time I was there. Sounds like maybe it’s a bit inconsistent right now (or varies from platform to platform).

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