Witchs palace / dungeons

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***Online Official, Bug, PvE-Conflict, Server #1940 North America.
Went in the witchs palace with a friend, thralls wouldnt teleport inside with us and the boss wasn’t there nor would spawn. Heard other complaints about other dungeons not working.

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That place has been like this since 2017-2018 so that’s old.

The Queen don’t spawn until after you kill the other 2 statues in there, and if she does bug just log off to main meny. long back on and you should outside again.

As for Thralls, no they don’t follow you in there, diden’t for me either, what you can try in spam return command when you enter and that might have them spawn inside with you.

As for killing her when she does show up, here is a tip, use arrows IF she is too close too the purple wall, IF she is pushed inside it will bug out and all you see is the green “lasers” over and over and nothing else.

But over all, it’s bugged, she hardly attack and nor does the statues, but try the above and you should get the mask, Razmas key and don’t forget to the recepies from the throne :smiley:

i mean me and a friend went in there and she wasn’t in the area at all… no event spawned :frowning:

You need to go more or less to the middle of the room to have it activate.
The “door” will close behind you and the left statue should after a few seconds come alive.
Then a tad more watiting and lasers, then 2nd statue and more green lasers.
Lastly, Teh Queen.

Should it bug and likely can and will, just go outside, and try enter again.
That happens to a lot of ppl still so don’t give up.

That place is just as hard as the Dregs really.

In the end you get new recepies, and a Key to Razmas in Sep city, and a Mask you likely never use :smiley:

The mask is one of the end game winning items, i did this event before in single player but i think its bugged on the official server #1940 conflict pve D: as we walked everywhere in the room for it to spawn. Unless only one person is supposed to be inside.

No, you can do it with friends.
First time I did it after I came back I managed to push the queen behind the wall and it bugged.
I had another player tell me first time he tried she never showed up at all.
This is a PVE 1025 Server in Europa so that issue is on them all sadly.

So, just try again or wait for a server reset and try then, it can and will bug, but it also works.

I know what the items do, :slight_smile: I have them all in a vault and I had friends use them for the “end game” to “win” too.

So just go at it again, and with 2 ppl you don’t need the thralls, just some healing and kite them some and you will do fine.

nice thank you :o, and since you have them do you know if i can have the keystone in inventory waiting for use when ever? I couldn’t find the answer online and i want to have it so if i ever wanna start elsewhere, leave the server, or quit the game i have that option as a good bye which is really fitting tbh.

You can make the key stone at the Chaos Mouth.
You don’t have to use it no, it’s just another item as any other.
You do get a warning when you try to use it tho :smiley:

So Craft it and hang on too it until you feel the time is right for you :slight_smile:

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