Multiple Bug Report

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America [West Coast]

-When fighting the Witch Queen, one of the green lasers shot me while i wasn’t in the path of one.

  • The statues also hit me when i wasn’t near their attack.

-When i died in the boss fight, my body and items completely disappeared. (Happened to a friend/clan member as well)

-Randomly me and friends have experienced a glitch where our character rubberbands back and forth and the only way to move normally is to roll or crouch. After these movements are done you still cant stand and move correctly. Dying seems to fix the issue, but relogging does not.

-While dragging captured Thralls, there is an issue with them flying off randomly and unable to recovered. I havent been able to perfectly recreate the issue but i do know that it usually happens at the greenland area near the break big wall in that the southern aqueduct leads to. When a rope breaks and you reattach a new one, the thrall seems to glitch out a lot, and once flew away and couldnt get them back. These have been with prodominantly named and T4 thralls.

-Entertainers are really buggy as well. One of my entertainers was following me through the unnamed city, and once i returned home he was still with me. I logged off before telling him to stop following me and when i logged back on, he disappeared. Both of these Entertainers were T3 and healed me and my clan on extremely rare occasions. They did stop corruption but wouldnt actually heal us consistently.

-General combat is also laggy, especially when the server is full. Enemies with teleport around, hit you when you arent near them, hit through shield, and sometimes just stand still and never move.

All of these bugs were experienced on Official Server #1821 PvE - Conflict

Bump because these are big bugs

The buff entertainers provide was changed recently.
It is now canceled whenever you take damage. Also, it says passive regen is increased by 0%, but if you watch, you’ll see that it heals 1 HP every 3 seconds.