Raza of Shem place is buggy

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Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
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I got the key to Raza of Shem’s place and decided to enter. When I first tried to enter only left side door opens up and it was glitchy going in. Don’t know how I got in. Now that I got in I can’t get out. Also while I’m in Raza’s place my game crashes more frequently.

Face the right side of the door. Press E once. Back up slightly. Opens inward; you’re probably blocking it from opening. I had the same issue getting IN. :slight_smile:

ok thanks. Though I was able to figure out an alternative methode to get out. I loged out in the doorway after i opened it and then loged back in immedietly and it forced me through the doorway. Though when I tried to get out the door never opend inward. It might be as you’ve said Karmana that I was in the way of it opening inwards to let me out.

I believe that this has been fixed in Test Live, they also fixed the Razma model to be consistent with the intro movie. For a while there, besides the weird broken door effect, Razma was a doppelganger and changed her form every time I visited her. I haven’t been back there yet in Live PC SP PVP to check in this play through.