[Bug] Razma's quarter door is bugged

Game mode: Private Server, May 8th full release version.
Problem: Bug

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Only one part of here double-door is opening when you interact with it, second one won’t budge.

It is possible still get inside, by force-clipping yourself when door is closing. However if getting inside possible but tricky, getting out even harder. So far the only solution to get out i was found out, is hanging on door frame, when door is closing. That can possibly make you clip outside.
More to that, from the inside you can see that there is another piece of double-door in place, which make whole process even harder

Repro steps:
1.Interact with door to make it open.
2.Attempt to walk inside normally
3.Try to force clip you inside be auto-closing door
4.Attempt to to leave building normally
5.Try to force-clip yourself outside

Could be something about my character’s height which is turned up to maximum.
I’v noticed later on i also can’t enter some huts in New Asgard, without crouching first.

important question: Do you have the key? If so, yeah thats broken.

I just used this key after realizing where to use it. Had no problems at all with it. Though it did push in and then swing out before I was able to enter.

EDIT: OK, well, that said, I talked to the NPCs, was a bit underwhelmed to be honest but this edit is for the question of “Is there supposed to be anything interactive in the room?” If so, that failed to interact and I got nothing.

https://i.imgur.com/g3bMDnA.jpg might have something do to with this

Yea the extra door is there, and that’s odd and obviously not supposed to be there, but I had no issues entering or leaving the room despite that.

Yes of course. Without key door wouldn’t open at all.

There is armor stand on top of her roof that teaches you how to craft relic hunter set of armor.
But inside here building - i don’t think there is anything extra

I have the exact same issue. A friend and I have the key, opened the door and … she can run in through the door no problem, but I can’t, as my character is male and above average height.

I just bounce off the door.

Basically, the door is too small to allow characters through if they were created with above average height.

My new character is the default height and I have trouble getting in.
If I enter first person view, I can squeeze through without much trouble.

I have a max height male character, on a private server and cannot fit through the door. I have the key on my inventory when I try to enter.

The duplicated door behind the main door bug appears fixed on Teslive as of the 500+ superpatch. That might fix your problem.

Why can’t you people make a door work? The simplest invention of humanity, and messed it up. I can’t get out.