Stuck inside Razma of Shem's House

It’s tough to get in, but as the door closes, it pushes you inside. Now that I’m in, I can’t get out. And I have tons of stuff on me that I don’t want to lose. And a named thrall unconscious waiting for me outside.

How can this bug be allowed to exist? I refuse to die in here and lose everything. Please fix ASAP!


So, i tried everything to get out. Tumbling, attacking, crouching, jumping through the doorway. Nothing seemed to work. Finally I climbed the door while it was open, as it closed, I glitched inside the door and somehow popped out.

Then of course, when I went to grab the named thrall with the bindings, it disappeared when I clicked on it like it does sometimes. sigh

Yep. Been that way for a long time now… if you make your character somewhat small, you can fit through the door, but thats not going to help anyone already there … strange that this bug is so hard to fix…