How to give raid protection to players

Hello! I just started making a public pvp server but i dont know how to give raid protection to players/clans. Does anyoe know any command or anything that can help? I really appreciate it

Should be in your server settings. IIRC, there’s a setting for “Enable PVP” and then “Enable Building Destruction” and you can set times for when it’s enabled. Just check the official servers’ settings to get a baseline of what you want and go from there. Hope this helps, and welcome to the forums!

If logged in as an admin on the server, click the checkbox: Enable Dynamic Build Damage.

If editing the server settings file, change this: DynamicBuildingDamage=False

to this: DynamicBuildingDamage=True

You will see an option under it, that is the time in seconds that protection takes to kick in. Default is 1800 (30 minutes), if left to default, buildings won’t be protected for 30 minutes after the last clan mate logs off.

In the settings this is DynamicBuildingDamagePeriod=1800

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