Dynamic Building Damage Protection Persists Until Server Restart

Game mode: Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP

Once a player’s base is protected from damage via the dynamic building damage system, the protection is not removed until a server restart occurs.

  1. Configure your server to allow for PvP and building damage to occur with no time restrictions.
  2. Configure your server to use the new Dynamic Building Damage feature with a period of 1800 seconds.
  3. Create two accounts using the steam family share feature.
  4. Log into account A, build a base and give yourself a minion you can set to guard out front. I recommend a feral dog named Dogmeat.
  5. Switch (log out of A and log into B) to account B and position the character close to the base of account A.
  6. Give account B some bombs as you’ll need those to test later.
  7. Switch to account A and run around a bit just to make sure the game knows you logged in.
  8. Switch to account B. Run over to the base of account A and attempt to face-punch the minion. It attempts to kill you.
  9. Run away and hide.
  10. Set a timer and wait for thirty minutes while remaining logged in.
  11. Run back to the base of account A and attempt to face-punch the minion. It no longer attempts to kill you and you can punch it in the face with no consequence.
  12. Place and detonate a bomb on the front door of the base. It does no damage to the base or the minion, but does damage the avatar of account A (this is fine).
  13. Run away and hide.
  14. Switch back to account A.
  15. Run around a while so the server knows you logged in.
  16. Switch back to account B.
  17. Run back to the base of account A.
  18. Interact with the minion again. It still does not kill you and more face punching can occur.
  19. Run away and hide.
  20. Restart the server.
  21. Log back into account B.
  22. Run back to the base of account A and attempt to face-punch the minion. It tries to kill you.
  23. Run away and hide.
  24. Run back to the base, place a bomb and detonate it. Note with satisfaction that the base is damaged by the bomb.
  25. Run away and hide.
  26. Send private messages to account A calling them a scrub and telling them they suck for building a base that was such an EZ raid.

Hey @helium3

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ve sent it to our team so they can look into it.

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