Dynamic PvP(PvB) is STILL not working properly

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

The problem is that i can damage buildings of players who are offline while dynamic PvP(PvB) is switched on and out of pvb hours. It sometimes happened that i could damage one player and could not damage another player at the same time when both of them were offline. Here’s the video, because of low quality you can’t see the damage change, i’m sorry bout that, i could destroy this stable entirely to show it but i decided to not do so. Here’s the video that (kinda) showes this bug.

I’ve done some tests but i’m not sure yet how to exactly reproduce this bug. It seems that after some particular changes are made in settings player have to log in and then log out for his buildings to be secured from damage, not sure if it has to be all clan members or one member is enough. There are too many variables for me to make test on every combination of settings, players and restarts. There are dozens of variables and combinations to be checked and i can’t do it all. It’s up to your testers. For sure i can say that dynamic PvB is obviously bugged and works highly inconsequential.

You have to fix it until yesterday because this bug makes this entire feature worth nothing or even less - because it give players false belief that their belongings are safe when they are not and only add frustration. Cheers.

Ignasis explained in details the status of this experimental feature. TLDR: It is not forgotten but it is not a priority:

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Hey @xmechwizardx

As @Narelle pointed out, this feature was sent back to the backburner while we iron out some bigger loopholes.
That being said, the particular problem with this feature you mentioned has been fixed in the upcoming hotfix 2.2.1, currently scheduled to be released early this week.

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