Funcom : What Are Your Plans Regarding The Dynamic Building Damage System?

PS+ is for the network. Yes, you have to buy the game separately if it is not on a ps+ download.

I saw in that post that a bug related to PvP scheduling on Sundays has been fixed in an internal build. Still no response from Funcom on the issue of fixes to the dynamic building damage system, but I hope this means there might be other fixes to the PvP settings in that same patch.

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Hoping as well. DBD if done right would generate some return of the burned out PVPers.

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But there was a time it was free to plus members, thus it would be playable as long as they have that account it was queued on active.

you don’t have to have it on the account you play on as long as the account you play on has PS plus.

like… Main account (the consoles primary account) got CE free with PS plus

Make new account. Activate PS plus free trial. New account can play CE.

I know people who got a 7/14 day suspension on their main PS account and kept playing that way.

Edit: not sure if that was what you actually meant. Maybe I just misunderstood your post.

Hey @helium3

Regarding the Dynamic Building Damage system and the projected changes to PVP, we announced that we would disable the feature (in official servers, or not enable it more like) and focus on fixing some shortcomings that were pointed out during the feedback rounds. It was pointed out, and correctly, that there was no point in many of the changes if there were some core loops that could be exploited to workaround them.

So we are still working on that. Some of the changes that stemmed from that are:
-The re-prioritization of the anti-undermesh tool. Even though it has been on Testlive since early this year, it was being updated once a month to cover some locations due to the slow input of data we could use to fine-tune it. So we got some more people assigned to it and it was made available, at least on its first public iteration, a few weeks ago. The tool is still being updated and work is needed to be considered 1.0, current focus being making it available on the Siptah map. It’s an ongoing process as there are still locations and false positives to iron out both in the Exiled Lands and Siptah.

-Changes to family sharing in dedicated servers. It was pointed out that some of the changes could be easily cheesed through the use of alts. We agreed, so we introduced the family sharing toggle that now allows servers to allow or prevent access to shared accounts, with it being disabled on official servers.

-Ironing out loopholes and cheese mechanics - exploits. There were other ways we received during the feedback rounds players thought the new changes would be invalidated, i.e. body vaulting, decay bugs. We started work on that as well, though these changes are still not out. They are being worked on, but no ETA that can be shared at the moment.

Once the patch with the DBD system was released, it was also reported that some of its features were not working as intended as well. The fixes for that were downprioritized due to the above, plus other critical issues that have popped up since then, not only on PC, but other platforms. Right now the focus is to deliver a stable 2.2 build while preparing a stronger foundation for 2.3. You’ll see why :soon: (hint hint, by the end of this week, keep an eye out :wink: ). Some of the issues reported with the DBD and some of its related features not working as intended are fixed internally and scheduled for 2.3 (i.e. Sundays being wonky), others fixed internally but pending review and testing, and others in the pipeline.

So TLDR of sorts, It is not an abandoned feature. It required, and still requires, a lot of behind the scenes work to make it work more on the line of what it was initially set out to do. We had underestimated this during the initial implementation and was rightly pointed out during the round of feedback before it being published. So we’ve been working on ironing that out first, while juggling with the other fronts that needed dealing with in the meantime, so we can focus later on the feature itself to be in tiptop shape.


Thanks for the reply @Ignasi! Just knowing that DBD is still on the table and an intended feature is a relief. We are very much looking forward to this becoming a stable and working feature down the road. Thanks again.


That is the current rule. But as far as I know that ability would be removed, thus no sharing. Again, there were some games that did not allow you to play on other PS accounts on same system. But most games allow it. Again, this is my understanding…any game on a PS4 is open to other users to play if the devs allow it for their game.

Maybe family share and master account are confusing or blurred here. It’s blurry to me.

Very informative. Wow you sure do know alot :wink: JK. I know getting this info together from multiple team leads was not easy.
SO to summarize
DBD is still in development waiting for these fixes…to me the main issue would be body vaulting. throwing an idea, how about anything in inventory (not armor being worn, or stuff in hotwheel) be put on a 6 hour decay timer once you log off. You don’t log back in, all of it will decay? Just trying to help.

Not a terrible idea, but I would probably make it so when your body despawns so does anything in your inventory (minus equipped and quickbar/wheel as you suggested)

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There should be a timer though, as server crashes, or client side crashes would suck if it was immediate. That is why I said 6 hours (maybe adjustable for privates SP etc…)

On several occasions, I’ve had the official server crash, stay down for hours, and come back up long after I’ve given up on it (and gone to bed). From that point of view, 6 hours is waaaaaaay too short.

I could live with 36 hours. That gives me plenty of time to log back in after a protracted server crash, get to my base, and put my stuff into a chest before logging out.

You dont need Ps+, Just Main Account on console. Or to log in on a account with PSN+, Swap PSN profiles and then log into game on 2nd account. (certain games can counter this(GTAO will force start game on main account, kicking you form 2nd time to time)

Sub Accounts, can’t be registered to other consoles, or they count as “shared”. (Depends on a few games as some counter this(mostly games with Major MT’s tacked on to force multi purchases)

Ps4(1) Bob and Ps4(2)Sara Each have there own ps4. If Sara logs on Bobs ps4 and "shares DLC or game. Its counted as a Share. Depending on game, you have 1 to 4 shares.

But if lets say, Bob makes a SaraSara Ps4 account on His system, with no ties to another consoles you can share pretty much infinity. (give or take game)

From what I’ve messed around, You just need invite to clan, so your stuff is kept. (My household has 2 ps4’s… so… HA HA. Thank God I don’t pvp anymore. (well…not in full force anyway)

Diffidently a issue.

Like I said several post up, add in a “You have missed Raid Time “insert times” your now open to attack freely. "
You’ll have to juggle items in pretty huge mass between 2 clans if you really wanna dodge losing stuff give or take time limits.
Or even limit it further and let one “ps4/ps5” id to a server.” Thou this would hurt me on my pve server give or take its enforcement. (I do all admin work on a 2nd psn, and 3rd for PVE bases to be left on map. Play with my Main.

strongly opposed to any decay on body. with family share being eliminated, that just about solves the issue. if someone wants to pay for another account so they can body vault, fine by me; at least they’re paying for it. this also defeats the purpose of being able to log off and go away for 6 days and come back while keeping your stuff protected.

if this was a serious suggestion, then it should be a server setting so private servers (like mine) can turn it off.

Again, not reading my post correctly. I know how IT CURRENTLY WORKS. I also know there was a time very early on in PS4 one could not play certain games on the different users on the system, and it was a big deal when a game could be played by different users of 1 system. But most (if not all now) allow it. I know for a fact my brother could not play certain Digital games I BOUGHT (NOT PS+ games, so it is possible to have a “key” of sorts tied to 1 account on PS. That is what I am talking about as far as they could if they wanted to.

What good gaming reason for it not to decay on body on officials??? The 6 hours is a random number…make it 18 hours, whatever you want, but there is no real reason other than to hide loot from being raided. Getting dumped off a server is the only reason to even have a buffer time, allowing players to log back in if kicked and at least get the stuff in storage, as game loop is meant.

a body can hold roughly 5 chests worth of mats. So 5 chests are 75 shaped and 25 iron reinf. Add in about a 4x4 sandstone shack, and you have a log off shack for PVE/PVE-C. PVP would also be the only servers that need this, as the whole idea of raiding is to steal, and if one can hide loot on vanishing body vaults, it literally breaks the game loop of it.

BTW, this comes from a player with at least 8 body vaults on 8 servers with full on base supplies. And I would rather not have body vaults if it meant a functioning DBD that drives raiding and actual PVP.

Or they could simply make it so bodies actually stay in the world like they’re supposed to.