What is the latest on dynamic building damage and raid times?

To be honest I haven’t kept up with the forum lately so apologies if this has already been explained/answered recently.

I know myself and other were disappointed with Funcom not rolling out the dynamic building damage feature (thought it a great balance for offline/online raiding for folks who have to wake up early during the weekdays). At the time we were told they wanted to monitor it’s use on private servers. Any updates on whether we will see it rolled out on Officials?

Raid times. Earlier there were questions about the raid times looking like they shifted an hour to the right after the Siptah update (vs. Funcom initially saying that they were going to be unchanged when they decided not to roll out the dynamic building damage). I thought Ignasis said it might be a visual issue but I did check last night and it appears that the raid times did indeed change. The downside of this is that, if true, it just made it easier for folks to offline people who cannot stay up till midnight every night watching their base. We already have issues on our server with folks from the other side of the world waiting to offline folks when they go to bed (i.e. usually the last hour of raid time). This just makes it easier for them.

Anyway, just curious the latest on the raid dynamics.


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