What happened to dynamic building damage on Official?

Dynamic building damage on officials was one of the few things I (and others that I have talked to) were looking forward to with the patch. I thought it was a good balance for folks who cannot watch their bases every night 7 days a week. In addition, you can still try to offline on weekends.

Now it appears to suddenly be put on hold? Also it appears to be worse now by apparently shifting raid time an hour to the right so instead of ending at 11pm it now ends at midnight? For those of us who have to work in the mornings, we are screwed. Also the Sunday raid time makes no sense.

What happened Funcom? Also if you are going to put it on hold, please reset the raid times to what they were before.

Thank you

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Same here. It was the Best idea and a cool way to fight during the day, feeling always a bit vulnerable when you are online but JUST when you are online, this is all the fun !!!

I see someone, we fight, we raid each other but every time online, then if i must go no problem i can.

And friday, saturday, Total war on servers.

But, where is all of this???

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Dragorc you hit the nail on the head (and I heard similar sentiments from others).

Seemed like a good balance for the hard core raiders and the casual players who cannot play 7 nights a week.

I believe there were many exploits that could happen in reggards this feature and at least for now is disabled on officials.

Yep, I am done with Exiles if this is not implemented. I bought the Expansion Siptah based on this promised improvement, removing most Offline Raiding. For all the reasons mentioned by the other posters. I work one of those necessary jobs and am not available most evenings to play Exiles. Weekends I can do at the moment.

What really bugs me about offline raiding is that it’s obvious your thrall guards are in some kind of idle mode if you are not online, or they just bug out. And that is why I was quitting Exiles. Offline raiding is a cheap shot. You spend all this time building your base, training thralls, then get offline raided every night till you are forced to quit the server. Enough is enough. Fix or goodbye.

I get that there might be ways to exploit the new system but at lot of the scenarios people were putting forward seemed like they might sound better on paper than they are in practice.

And that’s really the problem. Having a bunch of servers in early access is a great time to experiment with the system and figure out if there are any problem because you need people playing the game to do the testing for you.

Personally, I wish they had elected to leave the non-Siptah servers with the pre-patch configuration and used the originally planned configuration on the Siptah servers. That way we could have found out how much of a problem the feared exploits actually were.

Yeah that is why I liked the idea. I’ve seen too many new players quit the game because of being offline raided, etc. (admittedly I have offline raided folks but generally it is against folks who have offlined us). The new system seems like it would satisfy both camps i.e. offline protection during the work week with normal raid times during the weekends.

Regarding thralls, my experience is that they can slow down an attacker but have no hope of stopping them if the attacker is prepared and the player is not online. I’ve seen thralls do some pretty dumb things while on defense (often just getting stuck and not even attacking).

I had the right set-up, but I watched 8 thralls in no armor hold off 4 players with only one casualty for 30-40 minutes. The raiders got off some explosives, but was about 1 per 2-3 minutes. This when I was online. When offline raided with the same set-up, 2 players of the same group killed 10 of 12 thralls in heavy flawless and stole all my stuff, in about 40 minutes.

So something is rotten here and I am not sure what, but right now offline raiding is too much of an exploit. Cost me that character since I was offline harassed off the server. There just comes a point where you have nothing special anymore so why bother? And then you have to decide whether Exiles is worth your time.

My experience as well. If you have good thralls and are online, you have a decent chance of fighting off a raid. If you are offline, the same thralls are pretty much worthless on their own.

On our server, there was a guy who was offline raiding pretty much everyone and he built a mega base packed with top tier thralls. Apparently he thought he was invincible as a result. A friend and myself, without even using our own thralls for the most part, wiped 20+ of his thralls by ourselves when he was offline just by using the correct mix of arrows. Was crazy and eye opening for me (i.e. thralls by themselves just slow you down).

Anyway back to original topic, I really hope this dynamic building damage gets implemented. Most folks I have chatted with loved the idea.

Yep it’s not enabled - what’s the go?

They want to see people on private servers use it first. I’m gonna set one up as soon as I get my housing details figured out.

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