Pvp time Sunday changed to 0:00 - 23:00

Hello .
I looked today at server settings for pvp and i see they changed on Sunday pvp from 0:00 - 0:00 to 0:00 to 23:00.
This confusing me alot. So Sunday is pvp all day?

I tested on sigle player and i think yes sunday is pvp all day. This is bad because sunday is a day for stay with my family. Conan is not a second job. 6 hours to pvp is to much in my opinion and if dynamic building dmg doesent work this is bad for Sunday.

it’s time to get rid of Conan.

Is this official? If so, do you know if dynamic damage is on. IF so, then i would think it would be announced. This would mean no offlining after the last clan member logs off + 30 minutes.

What server number? I can help verify.

I posted a similar question in the Exiles forum. I’m confused by the latest status of raid times and dynamic building damage.

The dynamic building damage feature seemed like a way to balance offline raiding in a good way (too many folks already quit because of being offline raided).

When they decided at the last minute to not roll out the dynamic feature Funcom, instead of just restating the original raid times, ended up changing the raid times so that it makes it easier to offline raid people… I’m confused by what they are trying to do… :frowning:

Maybe I’m missing the obvious.

Dynamic buiding damage is not activated. So good luck defending 23 hours ur Base.

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