Building Dynamic?

So is building dynamic ever going to be turned on for pvp official servers? I love this game but I can’t live on it. Yes raid time is only five hours but that’s five hours every single day, 7 days a week. That is 7,280 hours you HAVE to be on to defend your base a year. That is insane. This is supposed to be for fun, not a full time job. I love officials because I don’t have to deal with private server owners playing favorites, playing on alts with their admin panel passworld active, etc. So is building dynamic ever going to be turned on? I’m super curious.


Coincidentally, there was a thread posted several hours ago more or less asking the same thing.


I know they had an issue with server restart would make your base available to raid whether you were on or not but that’s been fixed for almost six months. How many more other loopholes did they find??! :joy: I guess I’ll take a break from conan till it’s fixed. I can’t live on this game they way they want you to. Sad cuz I’m doing quite well on my server. It’s just tiring…

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Yeah…sucks…especially when people start going back to work post covid.:confused:

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