Dynamic Building Damage is bugged (Doesn't work at all on community servers) ~ Continued

Since the previous thread was locked, i’m going to keep this in the spot light until this major issue is fixed.

So (Dynamic Building Damage) was explained and advertised as a new feature in Siptah. Essentially what it’s supposed to do is that if you are online, your base can be damaged. And if you’re offline you base can’t be damaged.

Right now it does not work, i’ve head nothing still about this issue and it’s a big issue. Right now If you enable it, then everyone’s structures become immune to damage regardless if you’re online or not. Basically nobody tested this before launch of the game, and it’s saddening, because i’ve had no choice but to enable base damage 24/7 and enforce no offline raiding to supplement the “Dynamic Base Damage” Feature/Setting not doing anything or working as intended.

Please Fix.

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