Dynamic Building Damage is broken again!

I run a PVP Server that is supposed to have Dynamic Building Damage Enabled during Weekends only. But Base Damage Disabled during weekdays. Okay! Problem is the setting doesn’t work at all!

:UPDATE!! It’s the Scheduled Hours System that’s messing up the entire Base Damage thing! This definitely needs to be fixed

The First picture i have the server set up to only allow building damage to online players on weekends! Problem is regardless if you’re online or offline. Everyone’s structures are immune to damage!

Now on the picture below if i enable “that” specific setting i’ve outlined in red. Everyones structures can be damage! But the issue is! even if you’re offline!! your base can be damaged!!

This means Dynamic Building Damage is broken specifically. Since the setting is once again either making everyone’s structure become immune regardless if you’re online or offline. But enabling the “Can Damage player owned Structures” makes it so everyone’s stuff can be damaged even if your offline!

Please fix this so Dynamic Building damage makes offline players stuff immune to damage but online player stuff be damaged! Fix ASAP!

Well crap, i have my server set up for all day sat and 1/2 day sunday raids with dbd.

Can this passed on so people coming out of pocket can use the setting already!

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Seems to be the time-zone thing if anything. Turned off the time zone and it’s allowing for online players stuff to be damaged and offline players stuff to be immune. Scratch that seems to be a bunch of issues on top of one another

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So a big part of the server and why i set it up. And Dynamic Raid times is dead on arrival pretty much.

Out of curiosity how does DBD work for you on weekdays because raid time overriding DBD is how it has been from the start, nothing new. More interested if it works correctly on weekdays.

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