Funcom Explain to me please, Why Bases are still immune to damage when players are logged On and Off (Think it's Not Working! Bug?!)

These are my Current Settings, I’m trying to make it so Offline players bases can’t be damaged but online players can be. What Combination do i have to adjust to get it to work?

I’ve tested it on Player who has been offline for two days, and been testing it on a Player who is currently online and neither of the two bases are taking damage when i attack them!. Only my own base when i hit it. I really would like an official response or proper clarification how to get this set up correctly! i was looking forward to this Dynamic Building Damage, But it’s not working!

Update: Trying to figure this out some more…

So Changing the Settings to this(See Below) Is making so even the offline player Structure is being damaged as well as the online Player Structure

Dynamic building damage doesnt seem enabled on oceanic officials yet

I’m running my own server. I think the settings are broken. No matter the combination, its either

  • The online Player and the offline player’s bases can be damage

  • The Online Player and the Offline Players bases can’t be damage at all.

And i’m testing this on a dude who’s solo and who’s been offline for two days vs a guy who lives down the river from me and who is helping me test this.

With just this enabled can’t damage the online or offline player’s base

Add the other option, and still can’t damage either players base.

  • Conclusion Dynamic Base Damage setting is not working right now, Having it enabled along with the option to “Can Damage Player Owned Structures” Prevents the online player’s base and the offline players base from taking any sort of damage, even if the online players thralls are actively trying to kill you.

  • Adding Time Restriction on in addition to having “Can Damage Player owned Structures + Dynamic Building Damage Enabled” (But Not filling in any of the times in) Still does not allow for Any Sort of Base Damage on either the online of offline Players Bases. (Thralls are Still Aggro)

  • Only Combination that’s working is the Offline/Online Player Bases Taking Damage. Ir the Offline/Online Player Bases Don’t Take Damage!

  • Selecting “PvP Allowed” On Time Restricted PvP Base Damage section Is making the offline guys base Take damage! even if Dynamic base damage is enabled.(Which Should prevent his base from taking damage since he is currently offline, but it’s not!)

  • An official Response to this would be welcome, as i think the setting is currently borked. It should be a simple of case of Ticking the “Dynamic Building Damage” and also just simply checking “Can Damage Player owned Structures” So make it so online player structures can be damaged and offline players can’t. But it’s not working! It really isn’t working! I know it’s early access, But this is something that should be fixed asap!

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I had the same issue, the game conan exiles was unable to write to the server setting files. I manually edited my files with a notepad…

Also, gain ownership of your directory if your server files are in the root of C:\

Or maybe launch the game as Admin so the game can write into the settings.

But yeah I had the same issue, not only we couldnt damage buildings, but we also couldnt hit eachother

Check if your changes are saved in the serversettings.ini. If not, take the server off, edit there and bring the server online.

Can you Confirm this is working? Again i can’t get dynamic building damage to work! What Settings in the Ini Dictate this. Since i really dont think it’s working. This is taken from my Server.ini file Everything that is related to base damage is enabled correctly. To note too, Pvp/Stealing is enabled 24/7 on my Server. And i’m trying to work it in that Player Buildings can only be damaged when the player/clan is online. Again, i can’t get this to work. Even as i mentioned with the Box checked for Dynamic building damage and the box checked for can damage player owned structures, it’s not working! I can’t be the only person with this issue!

DynamicBuildingDamage=True < This one Is not working

It’s depressing that nobody else is mentioning this problem… I can’t be the only one. I was so looking forward to this Dynamic Building Damage, but it’s a mess and i can’t get it to work. Either because of something on my end i’m forgetting to do, or that the setting is completely borked and isn’t working and Funcom Don’t care.

More Updates. I turned me server off for a moment updated these lines to All True, rebooted the Server And still can’t damage either the online or offline players base, Can only Damage my own… Like come on! How the hell do i fix this… It can’t be hard just to toggle Online Player Damage enabled and disable damage for offline players… You’d Think the Dynamic Building Damage Option would do something but it’s not!


Another Update: Trying to play around with Base Damage Hours to see if that works, but so far even if i have it enabled during a set timeframe (6pm to 11pm) Base Damage is still enabled for offline and online players or disabled for both online/offline players. I swear to God, this is starting to annoy me, Dynamic Base Damage IS NOT WORKING!

Is no other Server Owner/Renter gonna come forth and Help out on this? Or Confirm that the setting isn’t working? or that i’m missing something out? It’s so frustrating because if i have the settings that are supposed to be the correct way of having Dynamic base damage turned on… Ughhh!

All i want… Is for Online Players/Clans Bases to be damaged. And Offline Players/Clans Bases not to take Damage. Why is this so hard to get working? None of the Settings work at all. And the Two that should work in theory are not working.

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Why is this one thing enabled? on Sunday? I’m telling you this is funky.

Please read the announcement and the feedback thread, where we informed about this setting not being enabled in official servers yet:

Thankyou for the response, but i think it’s not working on private servers too, which is currently my dilemma. As from extensive testing on my behalf over a two day period of tinkering and trying to get it to work it’s currently not working.

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Still nothing i can do regarding the setting on my server, Just gotta have base damage enabled 24/7 and enforce no offline raiding.

Hopefully Funcom can make this Dynamic Building Option actually work, Would like for base damage to turn off when players aren’t online.

Although im 4 the offline raid protection setting, its going to be so exploited it will be stupid. Example is me an my clan mates make characters our clan builds a base gets thralls an farms the materials an store loot all from our first clan, no one can log in their character during or close to raid time. So we always have the protection even land claim spam an gfiefing with building blocks will be exploited so no one could blow them.

Then we make a second clan using friendshare an use our alts only transfering materials during off raid times, an we only play these chars during the raid window. So all our stuff is protected an only thing thats open to attack is our second clan an what materials we have for that raid window. Funcom will use no foresight an implement it anyway an it will be exploited so easy. Any got any thoughts or ideas.

You can do that now with body vaulting???

Also maybe friendshare can be turned off on Official servers. The only real use is private owners who somehow seem to think that using 2 accounts means they won’t admin abuse because 2nd account won’t know the password???

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Bit different with body vaulting I got tons of them, you cant have tables or benches cooking on a body vault like you could with a base immune to pvp damage, very very different.

Here is the thing, if clans want to log in and exchange resources, that would be the time to attack. Encumbrance build or over encumbered. Attack the safe clans base when they log in to do the transfers. As i said, one fix is not allowing jumping in and out of clans without 1 week penalty. Then you have to scout and find the alphas “friends” and attack them when they get on. I believe DBD is the lesser of 2 evils when compared to the OP meta of off-lining.

You don´t need to jump clans, just buy a second account and your good to go. You can´t stop people buying another account or to share the same IP adress. Like I said to my previous post to CodeMage I don´t see a real way for DBD to work in this game. As an alpha clan, or if you do this right even for a smaller clan, it takes you maybe 3 to 4 days and you are settled with a base that can´t be breached in 30 minutes. And as long as you are not able to raid it to the core, you are just wasting time and ressources. And while you try to raid the alphas, the alphas log into a second account and conter raid. They will force you to stop the raid and go to defend your own base. This tactic is not new and has always worked great.

Ofc this only works if you are a smart clan. But so far this game has thought me a lot of things that shouldn´t work but do. And people will always come up with something new and outsmart the “system”.

OR they do the same thing, offline you withthe alts, giveloot to the nice clan name, and you never know who really raided you. I think the exploiting by alt account is an issue either way, i just feel more people would play knowing they can take a day off and raid people online. You are caught in the wipe only raids. to me one can constantly hit different areas of a base daily while the alphas is on, meaning they have to spend time constantly checking their huge area. IF not then the risk a breach on weakened areas (like only a few HP left, so one bombs drops it).

All i am saying is on Siptah, Early acess officials should try this, or at least a few of the servers should.

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Wish Funcom would actually make a statement about this issue?

When i Enable Dynamic Building Damage, It Disables All Building Damage across the board even if you’re online or offline. Like… Geesh, i thought it was to disable Building Damage if you’re offline and keep it on if you’re online?

Setting is borked. I’ve had to enable Base Damage 24/7 and enforce the Rule of No Offline Raiding Because “Dynamic Building Damage” Does Not Work. Fix Please.

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