Balancing and PVP changes coming with the release of The Isle of Siptah - Feedback thread

hi all, i want say if you can change raid hour.
18h To 22h ok but…

the sunday lot of people work monday.
i want say if they are new recipe armor bench ect… on exiles land same siptah.


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I am still very disappointed with the decision to revert the Dynamic Building Damage setting on official servers. If you think 30 minutes after last logout is too exploitable, make it 2 hours. Hell make it 4 hours I don’t care. I just don’t want to lose all progress just because I work overtime one day. It was a good idea to implement it. Yes it needed a little tweaking, not a burial. You only listen to the people who are either in huge clans or straight up living in the game. People in between suffer.

For example today I’ve fought against a 5 man clan just by myself and managed to survive, but tomorrow night I have to work and I know they will wipe my base when I’m not online.

If you really want to force people into huge clans, then at least provide social tools that pave the way for it. And people like me who wants to stay alone? I guess we will quit again, as you managed to fool us with your lies to think that we actually had a reason to get back to the game. Such a shame. Bring Dynamic Building Damage back to official servers!!!


Thanks Meramusa. I anticipated as much. But its not just that one which comes to mind. I would imagine that the Rhino and Snake world bosses would be problematic in this regard too.

Personally I tend to think that this one was an oversight which slipped the net, as it would be odd to nerf all food to near uselessness, yet this one made it through unscathed. I predict it will be brought into line with the others soon, although I REALLY hope I am wrong.

Sheesh thats a bad bug buddy, I hope that gets patched up for you soon. My on seems to be fine. It didnt have to be that battle specifically, just any battle where you are mobbed by a large number of NPCs at once, and dont have any kind of environmental advantage. We could, hypothetically speaking , even replicate these circumstances in other areas such as The Summoning Place, by turning player damage down and NPC damage up until it becomes the equivalent of battling a big horde of Wights, Voltaries, etc.

Offline raiding is not PVP its PVE and a griefing tool.
I have almost played PVP exclusively, on the few times I got frustrated it was because cowards waited until I was off line to raid me.


I made some oyster omelettes specifically because it sounds like something I’d like to try in real life; Not even for the health regen. Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy the concept of a huge feast after a hard days work cracking skulls.

That being said, I never understood how we have bread and meat but no sandwich.

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I made this thread up detailing that the Dynamic Building damage/Players Can Damage Player Owned Strucutures isn’t working.

restore the old healing system the new is very bad.the whole recipes are useless now no matter what u eat its the same useless minihealing. potion in combat useless too because the animation takes too long.
graphic issue on the old map with some hairstyles thats real bad work.if your target is to destroy the fun playing conan u did a good job.

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I think the new healing animations are spot on. The old system was more like: “who has the most food and can run more wins”. This new system makes every action worth considering and allows skilled players to shine, not food grinders.

The new animations may need a little tweaking as mentioned in an above post. But overall its a very good addition to the game.


Sandwiches were invented by the Earl of Sandwich during the Napoleonic wars. Prior to that, bread was torn from the loaf in chunks and eaten that way. With wet foods (soups etc) it was used to finish the scraps in the bowl.

Even the ancient Egyptians with all their tombs and tunnels didn’t have Subways.


I would like to say I am enjoying the new mechanics and overhaul. Thanks Funcom team. A few things that I noticed shocked me to a pheasant surprise.
1.Enemies now follow you into water to a certain point, which used to be the DMZ.
1a.You can now use certain weapons under water!
2.Red mother attack patterns. It was comical fighting her before, she appeared to be on ice skates. Sliding all over the place.
2a.Thanks for the changes to non stunable biped bosses and small dragons. I was spiting up my coffee watching them gyrate and bodies contorting to inhumane positions when striking them.
3.Bat demon boss has some new attacks. That was a :-0 when I got hit by it.

That’s so far, still exploring! Thanks team.

You are not updated with the latest info (wich is not too difficult, because they changed that like 3 times in a few days…). The current state is that everything should stay as before with the raid settings, but those settings are a little messed up atm…

from the “Balancing and PVP changes … Feedback-thread”:

from “Temperature, balancing and PVP changes coming with the release of Isle of Siptah
and the FAQ-part of the “Balancing and PVP changes … Feedback-thread”:

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While I sincerely do appreciate the history lesson, Conan isn’t Earth history.
If this were Earth history, I may have had some vastly different career choices in life.

Tried following this. In Attempt to understand Dynamic Building Damage

Tried following this and this

And Dynamic Building Damage is doing Jack!, It’s disabled either way or turned off regardless if players are online or offline. I’ve tried every Combination of Settings And it will not turn on! Why is nobody talking about this glaring issue!

It’s not working! I’ve tried to follow this and it’s just not being enabled. Base Damage is turned off regardless!

I’ve seen the changes, and Raid Time 24h on Saturday seems a madness, many will say that this way they make the most of their time on the weekend, but let’s be honest: many bases will be raided at 5 or 6 AM, when most people sleeps and the game will become a “let’s see who waits longer for the other to disconnect”. We can make all the excuses in the world, but many people raids offline just because they cant do it with the defenders online.

Most of the people have things to do, they spend time in the game but they have to work or they just want to go out to the cinema on the weekend, they cannot be slaves of the game to not lose months of farming.

Maybe the dynamic raid would be a good idea on Saturdays: you can raid someone at 5 AM but just if they are connected.

I also don’t like the healing system. Before, if you were attacked and you took a hit, you could avoid the next one, heal and counterattack, now you no longer have the possibility of fighting, also we add the nerf to the roll that was done a long time ago. I imagine it has been made by numerous complaints from people who do not like pvp, but it is something that affects everyone, so in the reign of the blind the one-eyed will be the king. True PVPers will adapt, find the mechanics / build to keep killing and people who don’t like PVP will cry again (I don’t understand why they play on PVP servers if they don’t like fighting).

Are you running a dedicated server or are you using gportal?

Host Havoc. I’ve even gone to them about the issue, and they told me it’s on funcom to fix.

i have just been inside Klaels Stronghold and fighting Arena Champion are a nightmare now, you cant heal your self and you cant heal your thrall, because you have totally screwed up the healing system in this patch.
Why must you allways make changes after pvp community, in pve we want to kill our stuff and get the things we want. Since you cant be in a group so you can heal eachother you MUST change so healing your thrall anyway go back to what it was before this expansion.
Try to see longer then what your vision are.



The thing is, the PvP community didn’t ask for this either. At least the hardcore PvP community.


Best I can tell , bud, the PvP community isn’t thrilled about it either. I have no clue where Funcom gets these great ideas from (but they need to let that person go). Especially against Arena Champion. First time ever I had to jump in, grab agro and save my thrall from a ***** that can almost 1 tap me. Just another example of Funcom “fixing” things that are not broken and letting the broken things just keep piling up.

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