How to keep my previous game save when I started playing on a new pc?

My friends and I are renting a server on g-portal. One of them is about to get a new pc. Is there a way to keep his previous game save? Or is the files saved on the server?
Thank you!

Stored on the server. Easy peasy.

The character he has on the server will be saved on the server not his PC
BUT if he has a single player game as well then the single player game is stored on his computer disc … he will have to copy that.

Since you’re on a rented server there should be no worries whatsoever. The only tiny possible snafu is that he should use the same Steam account on the new PC. Which for most people is a given.

Some people (yours truly for example) have multiple, but we tend to have a reason for that, and know what we’re doing so it’s usually not a problem.

wow, thank you guys!

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