How to make Pet Name different colors

There used to be a “tool” called Petnamer written I believe by Halorn. The old website comes up but it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a long while. Petnamer helped name your pet, but also could set colors in the pet’s name.

Anyone know how to set different colors to your pet’s name currently? An updated tool that works with the current Anarchy Online? Having trouble finding the current translation from Hex to ASCII that works with Anarchy as well as the proper syntax to set the color.



I think this still works

Hi, I already tried that version of petnamer, but get error messages. I am on Windows 10 now, so could just be compatibility issue with W10.


It could be, I would recommend asking on the official discord (link on game launcher) for an answer/new version or similar tool.

I don’t know about the error messages, I am on Windows 10 and my problem was the petnamer program asks for your AO game folder location and then saves scripts there but the game could be reading scripts from the apps folder.

So in the Anarchy Online Launcher check where the Scripts folder is.


The following would let you make a macro ingame so you wouldn’t even need a script.

Thanks I will try that :slight_smile:

Thanks! Your Skuly ingame version works great! May still look a bit to see if we can find purple.


I added a light purple and also a magenta that is a little purple, hopefully those are good enough.

I also added orange.

Great, Thank You!


I was able to get Orange and light purple to work, but magenta is being stubborn. I was still able to make a nice rainbow of colors for my pet named Rainbow. :slight_smile:

Thanks again


What problem are you having with magenta?

Sorry for the delay in my reply. Magenta comes up as white.