How To Manually Start "The Broadcast"?

While doing The Meowling mission, at the point where you enter the portal, I clicked on the quest starter for The Cat God mission before entering, which prompted me to decide on canceling an already active mission of that type to accept it.

Thinking I could just re-start whatever that quest was, since I wanted to accept the Cat God quest and complete it while I was on The Meowling (2 birds, 1 stone), I chose to cancel the other quest, which turned out to be The Broadcast.

The thing is…I can’t figure out how to get that mission (The Broadcast) back again. The mission does not appear in the Paused Missions list, and logging out and back in does not give the same phone call that started it before, and going to NY and talking to Dave Screed in person does nothing either.

How can you start that quest again? I assume there’s a way, because…why would the Halloween missions be designed to be able to perma-cancel each other out if you accept one after all?

Thanks for any assistance

The starting point for The Broadcast is outside the door of the laundromat (the building that Screed is in).

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Thank You!

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