How to nude its not working

hey im trying to make my character nude and its not letting me at all
i did the admin and still nothing i re make my character and put full and still nothing plz let me know
its for pc and ps4

As long as both the server settings are set for full nude and your character at creation is set for it, it should work on PC. No idea about PS4.

Given a couple recent threads on the subject, I think full nudity is blocked on consoles in the U.S. For PC, you just have to make sure the server settings allow it, then set your character/client settings for it as well.

It’s not so much that full nudity is blocked on consoles for the U.S., it’s that the U.S. console versions can’t access full nudity, a U.S. console account can still access full nudity if they do any of the following;

  • Create a PlayStation 4/Xbox One account in a region that has access to full nudity, and purchase the game from that account. The U.S. account can also play that version while signed in. There are online tutorials on how to do this. I would suggest an Australian account, as it would be significantly cheaper given the value of the Australian dollar.
  • Import a physical version from somewhere that has access to full nudity, again, I would suggest the Australian version to save money.

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