How to reduce the Knowledge Points?

I explored a little the Admin panel on my SP lvl57 character, then find out now I have 2k+ knowledge points. I wish to reduce this to its normal value, instead of start a new character all over again. Does anyone know the admin command for reducing such thing?

Btw, I think there is a bug about KP as well. That if I learned a new religion from NPC, and then drinking a demon beast dropped KP reset potion in normal mode(not the admin mode), it will grant me additional KPs while the new learnt religion stay unlocked.

What platform?

If you are on PC there is a Mod called Pippi

You can adjust anything about your character from the Pippi interface.

Here is a link to Console Commands Guide for PC
Some might transfer to other platforms.
They could also be out of date.

Personally I would use Pippi on PC, I have installed and uninstalled with no ill effect, but your mileage may very.

Edit: changes made by Pippi will persist even after uninstalling the Mod.
Or at least they did last time I tried.

Good luck


Many thanks Droch, this is very helpful!


I would like to point out that it is intended for players to have a near unlimited amount of Knowledge Points. Fragments and Tablets of Power are consumable items that grant this.

But if you’ve got them as a result of a bug, I could see the desire to reset this to normal. In that case definitely consider the solution already given.

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