How to remove thralls from work benches?

Trying to remove thralls from work stations. On xbox. Can anyone help?

I haven’t actually played much so far so I’m not much good to you, but since no one has answered yet… I was curious and tried to find the answer to your question. I dug up a thread on Steam from January where multiple people confirmed it was possible to do what you’re trying to do, though I don’t know how exactly, sorry.

"You have two type of thralls.

1). Crafter’s - you can move them between you inventor /crafting station and storage.

2). Combat thralls and Dancers - after placed in world cannot be placed again in inventory (you can outfit them with weapons and armor)."

If it’s possible on PC I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible on XBox. So i guess there’s some way to transfer the thrall back into your inventory? Hope this helps.

The way you selected the thrall to put him in the crafting station, do the same thing in reverse to place him in your inventory. It should work.

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