How to report someone building over spots that progress the game

I was wondering how to report a Clan or person that is pretty much building a bunch of foundations that stop the spawning of boss creaters an such. (official server 1932) Due to building we can not fight boss monsters to work toward completing the game. Thanks in advance for tips an help guys.

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Most the boss creatures that are for the story are found in caves and there own no build areas. If you mean they are stopping the spawning of legendary creatures then they have nothing to do with completing the story but can drop skeleton keys for legendary weapons

You can’t really report people for that on official servers, since it’s not technically against the rules. It’s a dick move, but that’s all. If the server is PvE, there’s nothing you can do except hope the troll gets tired and goes away.

Though you may want to start by having a conversation with them, they might not know what they’re doing (YMMV).

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us also (
one player blocked the spawn of an elephant and the lion king (
Negotiations did not help. Now we are trying to build it up, and we hope that at least after this it will remove its buildings from the spawn.

Both of them have no impact on the story so can’t really use that as an excuse. It is anoying that people do that but unfortunately they are out there. Only thing the they really drop is the skeleton key and can’t get any head trophy from them so just hunt bosses elsewhere

here the matter is that those animals are in 1 instance on a server

So the compliant is that you don’t get to see them or fight them ingame…

Not game breaking, if you’re on pve I would say you are out of luck, as those creatures don’t have an impact on gameplay.

If they built a great wall along the spawn desert, preventing any new players from jumping on the server, then I would use ( to report these issues.*

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