How to transfer characters quickly

How to transfer characters quickly,How to use the ~ key, enter the character can be transferred?

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These are Funcom’s instructions for character transfers.

If you’re using a mod, it’s best to go to Steam Workshop and join that mod’s community. Most use Discord but there are generally links to more info in the mod’s description page.

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I know what you’re talking about, but I’m talking about the other way

Please use more words.

There is no console method.

Server transfers were first made possible via a mod called Amunets Server Transfer. It works for server clusters as far as I have read.

Funcom then introduced an official way that does not require a mod.

Those are the only two methods I’m aware of for PC. If it is the former you are referring to, I can only suggest going to the mod’s Workshop page. If it is the latter, the information is in my previous post.

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