Server transfer Xbox

So what about server transfer on consoles ?
Did they ditch it and it’s only pc exclusive?
I have yet to find any official info about this from Funcom

Thanks in advance

Single player transfers are working if that helps. Although journey steps may break

Not really, I’m taking about online


All I know is it’s;

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Hey there,

Just to confirm, server transfers on consoles are still being worked on and will come as a part of a future update. We still don’t have an approximate ETA, but roughly speaking it should come with the next update or two depending on the progress we make and/or other factors that may arise.

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Thanks for the reply…just a quick question if you mind.
Was it ever stated officially that this function won’t come with 2.5 when it was on test live?

Just curious because I only bought siptah to bring those OP legendarys to my official home pvp server and now Im stuck :joy:

I managed to transfer a character off a map but now can’t remeber which map it was… Problem is that when I try to transfer the same profiles charcater from another map it says that I can’t do that as I already have a character transfered that needs to be brought back in first!

Stupid this is that I can’t remember which map it was originally transfered from so I’m now unable to transfer at all.

Surely there should be a way to delete any characters that are in limbo so to allow future transfers.

Ok so if I am understanding this right, you uploaded a character from a server but have yet to place this one into a new server and you aren’t doing so because you don’t know what server the character came from?

If this is accurate, then that detail doesn’t matter. If you are playing officials then the only detail you need is the type of server was the old server and this will dictate what type of server you can transfer into. Once that character is transfered into a server, you will have some defined cooldown and then you can transfer another character. But the basic idea is character is in server, character is in queue location (ie the limbo spot), character is in new server and frees queue spot.

Please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

Also please remember to select the correct option (Character Transfer Issues) in the Request Type drop down menu on the form.

Hope this helps!

Please help meeeeeeeee if now lost 3 main characters in transfer and have made serval attempts to reach funcom with no help it’s killing me and the game pleaseeeeeeeeee my email is

Hi @D00bie42

Please refer to my previous reply.